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Amazon Dropshipping Guide 2022

Amazon Dropshipping Guide 2022

Amazon has been a great resource for e-commerce. It’s a platform that has been successful over the years, and the company continues to grow. With more than 150 million active users, it is easy to see why. Amazon is also known for its variety of products, from household items to tech gadgets to clothing. In addition to these, you can also find other items like books, electronics, and even food. There are a lot of ways to make money with this platform, but dropshipping is one of the most profitable methods.

It is one of the most preferred marketplace platforms for people who want to sell abroad with Amazon Dropshipping. Because sellers can open stores on Amazon and sell to many countries of the world. Thus, thanks to amazon dropshipping, sellers both have the chance to sell abroad and earn foreign currency income.

This article is called Amazon Dropshipping Guide, which we have prepared for people who want to do dropshipping on Amazon.

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What is Amazon Dropshipping?

Amazon Dropshipping is the name given to the sales method in which sellers sell products from different suppliers through amazon without stock.

Sellers, who usually sell with the dropshipping method, can either make their sales by making an agreement with a supplier or make sales by adding unregistered products and services to their stores by checking for brand registration on

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dropshipping on Amazon

Although the biggest goal of people who want to do dropshipping on Amazon is to earn foreign exchange income, in fact, it is possible to say that there are many advantages of Dropshipping on Amazon. Let’s take a look at them together;

  • Since Amazon is a global marketplace platform, sellers can sell to more than one country.

  • Before selling on Amazon, suitable suppliers can be found, which can increase the profitability of companies.

  • You can more easily identify and sell popular products on Amazon.

  • Since Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce marketplaces in the world, you can increase your sales potential.

  • Selling on Amazon has both advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages of selling on Amazon are:

  • Since Amazon is one of the largest marketplaces in the world, it is possible to say that there is a lot of competition. For this reason, you need to develop a good sales strategy in order to compete with your competitors.

  • People selling on Amazon pay a sales commission of between 8% and 15%, depending on their sales category.

  • These are the advantages and disadvantages of selling on Amazon. Considering these, you can make your decision and start selling in the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace.

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What Are the Amazon Dropshipping Terms?

There are certain conditions that sellers who want to sell with the Amazon dropshipping method must comply with. These;

Individuals and sellers who want to sell with the dropshipping method must comply with the Amazon Selling Rules.

Those who want to sell with Dropshipping should not have any packaging or invoices showing that they are intermediaries in their shipments.

Dropshippers on Amazon must meet their return requests within the framework of Amazon policies.

In short, people who are interested in Amazon dropshipping should make their sales within the framework of Amazon rules and avoid invoices and packaging that will indicate that they are dropshipping in their shipments.

How to Dropshipping on Amazon?

People who want to Dropshipping on Amazon must first open a seller account. However, you must also sell in accordance with the dropshipping policies of the sellers.

Open a store on Amazon.

Upload the products you will sell. Upload your supplier’s products or non-Brand Registered products.

Wait to receive orders on Amazon. After your first order arrives, forward the order to your supplier.

Pay for the item and ship the item to the customer.

After the product is delivered, wait for your money to be deposited into your account.

Generally, the money of people selling on Amazon is paid for shipping, amazon commission, etc. after a certain period of time. After the deductions are made, it is credited to your account.

Finding a Dropshipping Product on Amazon

One of the issues that people who will sell with dropshipping on Amazon spend the most time on is the Amazon Dropshipping product finding process. Generally, sellers complete the product finding process using certain tools and add these products to their stores and sell them.

Jungle Scout is one of the most used tools by sellers in the process of finding Amazon products. While Jungle Scout is selling on Amazon;

  • The maximum profit that the products will bring

  • Competitive keywords

  • product ideas

  • Sales periods of products

  • Top-selling users, sale dates

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It is a tool with which you can analyze and observe. For this reason, the use of this tool by people who want to Dropshipping on Amazon will shorten the process of finding products for their stores.

In addition, Amazon dropshipping sellers can also analyze products without patents and trademarks and offer them for sale in their stores. It conducts research on, the website of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, to check for trademark registration on Amazon. To use;

  • Go to the website.

  • Click on the TESS field under the patent and trademark section on the home page.

  • Copy the name of the brand you want to patent and trademark from Amazon and paste it into the search bar.

  • Then press the search button.

After completing the relevant steps, Amazon will direct you to a page where you can review the brand of interest. You can find out whether the brand is registered by checking the Live / Dead Indicator section among the information on this page. Live indicates that the trademark is registered, and dead indicates that it is an unregistered trademark. You can add the products of the brands that you see the “Dead” text on this panel to your store and start selling.

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How to upload products on Amazon

After you find products to sell on Amazon, you need to add products to your store through your seller account. Usually, amazon sellers can add products either using the manual entry method or through CSV files. To be able to enter a product manually, first;

  • Log into your seller account.

  • Enter the Inventory tab and then click on Add an Item.

  • Search the Amazon catalog for the product you want to enter in the search bar that will appear.

  • Then add the products you want to add to your store.

By completing these steps, you can also upload an Amazon Product. However, if you do not want to deal with product entries, you can use Amazon Integration, where you can integrate your store and e-commerce site, and thus add your products quickly.

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Increase Sales with Amazon Dropshipping

Sales promotion strategies are one of the most important things for dropshipping sellers on Amazon. The important points that users who want to increase sales should know are as follows;

  • Sellers who want to increase sales on Amazon need to work on the Buy Box price.

  • You need to pay attention to the product title when doing Amazon product feedback.

  • Product descriptions should be created in a way that familiarizes the user with the product.

  • You should use professional and quality product images during Amazon product listing.

  • You should take care to promote the products you sell on Amazon and your store through social media platforms.

  • While creating your social media strategy, you should give more importance to social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

Considering these, you can develop your products and social media strategy, and thus you can sell more to consumers living abroad.