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BuyBox Watchdog

Take Control of Your Buy Box Status Now! With BuyBox Watchdog, you're always in the loop on your Buy Box status, allowing for rapid response to protect your sales. Sign up today and stay ahead of the competition. Click here to safeguard your Amazon listings with instant alerts.

React swiftly to Buy Box changes with BuyBox Watchdog. Designed for both private label and arbitrage sellers on Amazon, this tool ensures you're the first to know if your listing loses the Buy Box, enabling quick adjustments to protect your sales and PPC performance.

Secure Your Sales with BuyBox Watchdog!

BuyBox Watchdog is an essential monitoring tool that sends immediate email notifications to Amazon sellers when their listings lose the Buy Box. This early warning system is crucial for maintaining competitive advantage, ensuring that sellers can quickly address any issues—be it pricing adjustments for arbitrage sellers or resolving factors leading to Buy Box loss for private label products.


You can see how this service works in the screenshots below.


Immediate Notification

Stay ahead with real-time alerts, ensuring that you can react before significant sales impacts occur.

Protect PPC Performance

Avoid wasted ad spend on clicks that don't convert due to missing Buy Boxes, ensuring your advertising budget is used efficiently.

Competitive Edge

Quick adjustments in response to Buy Box changes can help maintain or regain your competitive positioning on Amazon.

How It Works

  1. Connect your Amazon Seller Central account to BuyBox Watchdog.

  2. Select the listings you wish to monitor for Buy Box status.

  3. If the tool detects a Buy Box loss, you'll receive an instant email alert detailing the affected listing.

  4. Promptly address the cause of the Buy Box loss to minimize any negative impact on sales and ad performance.


  • Q: How can losing the Buy Box affect my sales?

    A: Losing the Buy Box means your product is no longer the default buying option, which can drastically reduce your sales, especially if the loss goes unnoticed for an extended period.

  • Q: What common reasons cause a Buy Box loss?

    A: Several factors can lead to losing the Buy Box, including pricing issues, stock availability, seller performance metrics, and more.

  • Q: Can BuyBox Watchdog monitor multiple listings at once?

    A: Yes, BuyBox Watchdog is designed to monitor multiple listings simultaneously, providing comprehensive coverage for your Amazon portfolio.


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