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Suppressed Product Notification

Don't let suppressed listings undermine your Amazon business. Sign up for Suppressed Product Notifications today and transform how you manage your online presence. Ensure your listings are always in prime condition and maximize your sales potential. Click here to get started.

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Suppressed Product Notification

Get Notified When Your Listing Is Suppressed!

Suppressed Product Notifications is a powerful tool designed to alert Amazon sellers immediately when listings become suppressed. By providing email notifications, sellers can swiftly address issues, preventing sales loss and maintaining optimal PPC performance.


You can see how this service works in the screenshots below.

Why It Is Important

Knowing when your Amazon listing is suppressed is crucial for several reasons, especially when utilizing tools like the "Suppressed Product Notification" to stay informed. Here are a couple of key reasons why it's important:

Immediate Resolution to Maintain Sales

When a listing is suppressed, it's no longer visible to potential customers, effectively halting any sales from that listing. Knowing immediately when a suppression occurs allows sellers to quickly address any issues—whether they're related to images, descriptions, pricing, or other factors Amazon deems non-compliant. Prompt action can minimize downtime and prevent significant loss in sales.

Protecting Your Brand Reputation

A suppressed listing can also signal a problem that might affect customer perception of your brand. For example, if a listing is suppressed due to image quality, it might reflect poorly on your brand's commitment to quality. Quick notification and resolution help maintain a positive brand image and customer trust.

How It Works

  1. Connect your Amazon account to authorize data access, enabling our system to monitor your listings daily.

  2. Receive an email alert with a detailed Excel attachment the moment any listing is suppressed with the detail of why the listing is suppressed.

  3. Stay informed with single notifications per SKU to avoid overload, ensuring you're only notified when action is needed.

  4. Review your suppressed SKUs conveniently and take action to rectify issues, keeping your listings active and profitable.


  • Q: How does the notification system benefit me if Amazon doesn't fix suppressed listings?

    A: By receiving timely alerts, you can proactively manage your listings, preventing the pile-up of suppressed SKUs and ensuring your portfolio remains in top condition.

  • Q: What makes SellerActions different?

    A: Our proven system has passed rigorous Amazon audits, offering a reliable and trustworthy service that keeps your business ahead.

  • Q: Do I need to check my listings manually every day?

    A: No, our system automates this process, saving you time and effort by bringing critical issues directly to your attention.


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