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FBA Shipment Workflow

Discover how FBA Shipment Workflow simplifies creating Amazon FBA shipment plans, prevents unwanted splits, and enables seamless shipment plan adjustments for an efficient fulfillment process.

Streamline Your Amazon Shipments!

FBA Shipment Workflow is a cutting-edge tool designed to assist Amazon sellers in creating efficient FBA shipment plans. By automating the plan creation and optimization process, it ensures your shipments are consolidated effectively, reducing costs and improving operational efficiency.


You can see how this service works in the screenshots below.

How It Works

  1. Upload your product list through an easy-to-use Excel template detailing SKUs and quantities.

  2. The system automatically generates a shipment plan using Amazon's API, offering options to adjust plans to avoid splits.

  3. Retry functionality allows you to refine shipment plans, optimizing for consolidation and cost-efficiency.

  4. Finalize your plan by creating shipping labels and 2D barcodes directly within the platform.


  • Q: How does FBA Shipment Workflow prevent shipment splits?

    A: By analyzing Amazon's generated plans and allowing users to select or retry plans, the tool seeks the most consolidated option.

  • Q: Is it complicated to set up?

    A: No, it's user-friendly. Sellers can easily authorize SellerActions via Amazon's SP-API for secure access.

  • Q: What if the final shipment plan doesn't match my initial product list exactly?

    A: The system aims to closely match your initial list while optimizing to prevent splits. Small discrepancies are possible as it balances quantities to achieve consolidation.


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