An Automated Process between Amazon Custom Orders and ShipStation

Seller Actions

We do the ShipStation transfer of Amazon Custom orders professionally.


What Does SellerActions Do?

SellerAction is An Automated Process between Amazon Custom Orders and ShipStation

The reasons SellerActions provide better service than other companies are: 

1- While other companies updates orders every 2 hours, SellerActions updates every 15 minutes. This is a very important advantage, especially in periods when sales are fast.
2- SellerActions can give monthly or weekly reports
3- Users can filter the orders we update on ShipStation .

ShipStation does not integrate fully with Amazon Handmade or Amazon Custom, but we have developed a process that leverages ShipStation’s open API to update customization details and import Amazon Handmade orders.

How to get started with SellerActions?

Step 1. Register to SellerActions website, Register Here, and Select your membership plan, it starts from $49/m we offer a 7-day free trial you can cancel any time.

Step 2. Configuring Amazon Seller Account With SellerActions: After registering to SellerAction, you need to connect your Amazon Seller account with SellerActions, in order to create your shop, log in with your Amazon Seller account SellerActions will require access to your Amazon Account.

Step 3. Submit your Shipstaion API KEY and API SECRET, you are almost done, after your shop is created successfully you will be redirected to a page that says Submit your Shipstation API key and API secret,

Login to your shipstation account create API and copy and paste ShipStaion API key and API secret in the boxes and click submit and you are done. SellerActions will start importing all Amazon Custom and Handmade details to your Shipstation account

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Ready to get started with SellerActions?

Our Plans Incude a 7-day free trial,
You Will be Chared After your Trail Ends


$49 / month
  • 7-day free trial
  • Cancel any time
  • 24/7 support