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Keyword Guardian Alert

With Keyword Guardian Alert, you're always in control of your Amazon ad campaigns. Sign up today to start monitoring your keywords and ensure your advertising efforts are as effective as possible. Click here to protect your ad performance now.

Ensure your Amazon ads continue driving traffic and sales with Keyword Guardian Alert. Receive timely notifications if your selected keywords' impressions or clicks fall beyond the critical 20% threshold, enabling rapid response and strategy adjustments

Don't Let Keyword Performance Drops Catch You Off Guard!

Keyword Guardian Alert is a cutting-edge tool designed for Amazon sellers to monitor keyword performance closely. By connecting to the Amazon Ads API, it analyzes daily impressions and click rates for up to 20 keywords, comparing them against the past week's average. If a keyword's performance drops by 20% or more, the system triggers an email alert to the seller, allowing for immediate action to rectify any potential issues.


You can see how this service works in the screenshots below.


Proactive Performance Monitoring

Keep your Amazon advertising campaigns running effectively with daily keyword performance analysis.

Rapid Response Capability

Timely email alerts empower sellers to make quick adjustments to their advertising strategies, potentially saving significant ad spend and preserving sales momentum.

Data-Driven Decisions

With comprehensive insights into keyword trends, sellers can make informed decisions to optimize their ad campaigns and improve ROI.

How It Works:

  1. Connect your Amazon seller account and select up to 20 keywords for monitoring.

  2. Our system analyzes daily performance data for each keyword, utilizing the past week's averages as a benchmark.

  3. If a significant drop in impressions or clicks is detected, you'll receive a detailed email notification.

  4. Use these insights to adjust your Amazon ad strategies, ensuring optimal keyword performance and ad spend efficiency.


  • Q: How does Keyword Guardian Alert help me save on ad spend?

    A: By identifying underperforming keywords early, you can adjust or pause bids before wasting more of your budget, redirecting funds to more effective keywords or strategies.

  • Q: Can I monitor more than 20 keywords?

    A: Initially, the tool supports up to 20 keywords for monitoring. For additional keyword tracking, sellers can easily contact us for a customized solution.

  • Q: How often will I receive notifications?

    A: You'll receive daily email alerts for any keyword that meets the 20% drop criteria, ensuring you're always up-to-date with your campaign's performance.


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