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Review Request For Amazon

Start Gathering More Reviews Today! Don't let your products go unnoticed. Leverage the power of customer reviews to drive sales and improve your Amazon presence. Click here to automate your review requests and transform your customer feedback process.

Increase your product's credibility and sales on Amazon by automating review requests. Ensure your customers are engaged and encouraged to share their experiences, driving more reviews and boosting your product's visibility.

Enhance Your Product Visibility and Trust!

The 'Review Request for Amazon' tool is designed to automatically send out review requests to Amazon customers one day after their product is delivered. By integrating directly with Amazon's API, this tool monitors order statuses in real-time, ensuring timely requests that are crucial for gathering valuable customer feedback.


You can see how this service works in the screenshots below.

Benefits of More Reviews

Enhanced Product Visibility

Products with higher review counts tend to rank better in Amazon search results, making your products more visible to potential buyers.

Increased Trust and Credibility

A higher number of reviews signals to potential customers that your product is tried and trusted by many, making them more likely to purchase.

Improved Conversion Rates

Positive reviews serve as testimonials to your product's quality, significantly increasing the likelihood of purchase.

Valuable Feedback

Reviews provide essential feedback, allowing you to address issues and improve your product or customer service.

Why This Tool Is Essential

Even though Amazon prompts customers to leave reviews, the general response rate can be low. By personalizing and timing your requests strategically, you can significantly increase the number of reviews your products receive. This proactive approach ensures your products stand out in a crowded marketplace, directly influencing sales and customer perception.

How It Works

  1. Connect your Amazon seller account to enable the tool.

  2. The tool starts monitoring your orders and their delivery statuses automatically.

  3. One day after a product is delivered, it sends a review request to the customer, maximizing the chance of receiving feedback.

  4. Monitor and manage your review request process through a user-friendly dashboard, adjusting strategies as needed.


Q: Why do I need the Review Request for Amazon tool if Amazon already asks customers for reviews?

A: While Amazon does send out review requests, the general response rate can be low. Our tool optimizes the timing and personalization of these requests, significantly increasing the likelihood of receiving feedback. This tailored approach ensures your requests stand out and are more engaging to customers.

Q: How does the timing of review requests impact their effectiveness?

A: Requesting a review one day after product delivery strikes a perfect balance. It gives customers enough time to experience your product, while the purchase experience is still fresh in their minds. This timing increases the chances of receiving a detailed and genuine review.

Q: Will this tool send multiple requests for the same order if the customer doesn't leave a review after the first request?

A: To maintain a positive customer experience and adhere to Amazon's policies, our tool sends only one review request per order. This prevents potential customer annoyance and ensures compliance with Amazon's guidelines on communication.

Q: Can I customize the review request message sent to customers?

A: Unfortunately, Amazon doesn't allow to customize that kind of request.

Q: Is there a risk of getting penalized by Amazon for using this tool?

A: No, our tool is designed to comply fully with Amazon's terms of service and communication guidelines. It safely integrates with Amazon's API, ensuring that all review requests are sent in a manner that respects both Amazon's policies and your customers' preferences.


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