Import Text-Based Customization from Amazon to Shipstation

SellerActions is the only solution for importing text-based customizations and handmade details from Amazon to Shipstations. Follow the easy steps below and let us import your detailed data from Amazon custom and Amazon Handmade right away

How to Import Text-Based Customization Information from Amazon Custom to Shipstation?

ShipStation is currently importing orders from Amazon Custom, but cannot import customization details related to the order. our automation system SellerActions do the job for you. SellerActions can import text-based customized data from Amazon Custom and update you every 15 minute

  • 1. Register to SellerActions

    Register to SellerActions with a 7-days free trial

    Register Here

  • 2. Connect your Amazon Seller account to SellerActions

    In this step, you need to connect your Amazon Seller account to SellerAction in order to start receiving custom text-based updates every 15 minutes to your SellerAction

    Simply Click Login With Amazon Button and login with your Amazon Account

  • 3. Create your Shop and Tenant

    After successful login with your Amazon Seller Account you will be redirected to our shop creation page

    simply click on the blue button that says [Create Now]

  • 5. Submit your ShipStation API Key and API Secret

    you are almost done, after your shop is created successfully you will be redirected to a page that says Submit your Shipstation API key and API secret,

    Login to your shipstation account create API and copy and paste ShipStaion API key and API secret in the boxes and click submit and you are done. 

You are all done.

Text-Based Customization from Amazon to Shipstation

SellerActions will start importing all Amazon Custom and Handmade details to your Shipstation account

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