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MultiChannel Shopper Insights

Start Enhancing Your Cross-Platform Strategy Today! With 'MultiChannel Shopper Insights', transform your understanding of customer habits into actionable marketing strategies. Click here to gain comprehensive insights and drive more profitable customer journeys across every sales channel.

Empower your marketing strategy with deep insights into customer behavior across Amazon, Shopify, and more. Discover when and where your customers prefer to shop, enabling targeted conversions and personalized marketing campaigns.

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MultiChannel Shopper Insights

See Your Multi-Channel Buyers' Behaviors

'MultiChannel Shopper Insights' is an advanced reporting tool designed to aggregate customer purchasing data from various channels, including Amazon, Shopify, and and other selling platforms. It provides detailed reports featuring customer names, order numbers, times of purchase, platforms used, items ordered, quantities, and purchase prices. This invaluable insight allows sellers to understand the cross-platform buying habits of their customers, optimizing marketing strategies for better conversion rates and increased customer loyalty.


You can see how this service works in the screenshots below.

Why It's Important

Cross-Platform Conversion Strategy

Understanding the pathways customers take across platforms enables sellers to devise targeted strategies to encourage purchases directly from their own websites, maximizing profits and customer engagement.

Direct Marketing Opportunities

With detailed insights into customer behavior, sellers can leverage direct marketing channels like email and SMS more effectively, creating personalized campaigns that resonate with their audience.

Optimized Campaign Management

Analyzing which platforms frequent buyers use allows for smarter allocation of marketing budgets and campaign efforts, ensuring sellers reach their audience where they are most engaged.

How It Works

  1. Connect your selling platform accounts to start the data analysis.

  2. The tool automatically gathers and analyzes purchase data across connected platforms.

  3. Access detailed reports through a dashboard, highlighting cross-platform customer purchasing patterns.

  4. Utilize these insights to refine your marketing strategies, encourage direct website purchases, and build lasting customer relationships.


  • Q: How can 'Analyze Customer Behavior' enhance my sales strategy?

    A: By providing a clear view of your customers' purchasing habits across platforms, you can tailor your marketing efforts to convert more sales on channels with higher profitability and direct engagement opportunities, like your own website.

  • Q: Is the data provided by the tool actionable?

    A: Absolutely. The detailed insights into customer behavior allow for the creation of targeted marketing campaigns, personalized offers, and strategic platform focus to maximize customer retention and conversion.

  • Q: Can I track the success of my platform conversion efforts?

    A: Yes, the tool enables you to monitor changes in purchasing patterns, helping you measure the effectiveness of strategies aimed at directing customers to preferred sales channels.


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