An Automated Process between Amazon Custom Orders and ShipStation

Amazon Custom Order Update On Shipstation

Streamline Your Work with SellerActions: The Ultimate Solution for Amazon Sellers of Customized Products
Amazon Custom Order Update On Shipstation

We Update Your Amazon Text-Based Custom Order Details in Shipstation

SellerAction is able to retrieve customized data from Amazon and seamlessly integrate it with ShipStation, a popular shipping platform that is not capable of retrieving this data on its own. This allows sellers to save time and avoid errors by eliminating the need to manually input and update data. Plus, SellerAction is capable of synching this data every 15 minutes, ensuring that your ShipStation account is always up to date.

Some Example of Shipstation account integrated with SellerActions

Why SellerActions?

If you sell personalized products on Amazon and have trouble because Shipstaion is not fully integrated with Amazon custom,
Then you have come to the right place. SellerAction is An Automated Process between Amazon Custom Orders and ShipStation. we have developed a process that leverages ShipStation’s open API to update customization details and import Amazon Handmade orders.

  • Automate the process of retrieving customized data from Amazon and updating ShipStation, with syncing occurring every 15 minutes
  • Save time and avoid errors with seamless integration
  • Update multiple fields on ShipStation, ensuring that all relevant information is accurate and up to date
  • Focus on growing your business, knowing that the tedious task of data management is taken care of


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SellerActions Key Features

The reasons SellerActions provide better service than other companies are: 

Get updated every 15 minutes

While other companies updates orders every 2 hours, SellerActions updates every 15 minutes. This is a very important advantage, especially in periods when sales are fast.

Sending unlimited data to Shipstation

SellerActions is capable of retrieving all the customized data from your customized listing per order, which means there will not be any limitations on sending your custom data to ShipStation.

Fixed price for up to 5000 orders per month

SellerActions has a fixed price for up to 5000 orders per month. You can get more benefits by paying less

How to get started with SellerActions?

Step 1. Register to SellerActions website, Register Here, and Select your membership plan, it starts from $49/m we offer a 7-day free trial you can cancel any time.


Step 2. Configuring Amazon Seller Account With SellerActions: After registering to SellerAction, you need to connect your Amazon Seller account with SellerActions, in order to create your shop, log in with your Amazon Seller account SellerActions will require access to your Amazon Account.


Step 3. Submit your Shipstaion API KEY and API SECRET, you are almost done, after your shop is created successfully you will be redirected to a page that says Submit your Shipstation API key and API secret,

Login to your shipstation account create API and copy and paste ShipStaion API key and API secret in the boxes and click submit and you are done. SellerActions will start importing all Amazon Custom and Handmade details to your Shipstation account

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Ready to get started with SellerActions?

Our plans include a 7-day free trial,
You will be charged after your trial ends.


$49 / month
  • up to 4999 order/m
  • 7-day free trial
  • Cancel any time
  • 24/7 support


Can I use ShipStation with Amazon?

Yes, you can use ShipStation with Amazon. ShipStation is a shipping and fulfillment platform that allows you to process and ship orders from a variety of sales channels, including Amazon. By connecting your Amazon account to ShipStation, you can manage and ship your Amazon orders in one place, saving you time and effort. ShipStation offers a range of features that can help you streamline your shipping process, including the ability to print labels, automate shipping rules, and track shipments. You can also use ShipStation to generate reports and analyze your shipping data to help you optimize your operations.

Can Shipstation get Amazon custom order updates?

ShipStation cannot currently import orders from Amazon Handmade using the standard Amazon Marketplace connection to ShipStation, If you have an Amazon Custom or Amazon Handmade store and would like to import these orders into ShipStation, SellerAction can help! sign up for 7-days free trial and get started

How to sell customized products on Amazon?

1. Create a product listing for your customized product: Start by creating a product listing for your customized product on Amazon. You'll need to provide information such as the product name, description, price, and any relevant images or videos.

2. Set up customization options: Next, you'll need to set up customization options for your product. This may include allowing customers to choose from different customization options (e.g., different colors or sizes), or it may involve allowing customers to provide their own custom information or requests (e.g., a personalized message).

3. Price your customized product: Determine the price for your customized product. Keep in mind that the cost of customization may vary depending on the options that customers choose, so you may need to set up different pricing tiers or use a pricing formula to calculate the final cost of the customized product.

4. Set up fulfillment for your customized product: Decide how you will fulfill your customized products. This may involve using a fulfillment service like Amazon Fulfillment or a third-party fulfillment provider.

5. Promote your customized product: Once your product is live on Amazon, you'll need to promote it to attract customers. This may involve using Amazon's paid advertising options, optimizing your product listing for search, or promoting your product through other channels like social media or email marketing.

Do You Want to Send Amazon Custom Data to Shipstation?

We transfer text-based customized data from Amazon custom and Amazon handmade to Shipstation professionally.