Inventory Listing Health Reporter

SellerAction Inventory Health reporter can help you optimize your inventory by identifying the non-optimized listing across multiple channels, and reduce costs, and boosting your Inventory Performance.

Be aware of every single issue from any sales channel in a single place.

SellerActions will generate reports in MS Excel format including all inventory listing issues like:

  • Best Sellers.
  • Low Stock and Products recommended for re-order.
  •  which may need attention.
  • High Quantity Items.
  • Amazon Errors: Shows products that have been rejected by Amazon and which may need attention.

Keep Your Inventory listing Healthy

The Inventory Health Reporter is a great way to identify listings that are not published or optimized and generate a details report so you can take smart action about your listing across multiple chalets 

Get the listing health report of multiple channels from a single platform

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