Why it is important to transfer customization data to ShipStation?

If you are selling customized products on Amazon then it is important to receive text-based customization information from Amazon so that you can customize the product according to the customer’s needs. First, you have to know what type of customization it is? at which part of the product? at what size? how many changes does the customer want? etc… Amazon provides a management page on the Seller Central to handle that kind of staff, however, you have to manage custom orders one by one on Amazon. You don’t have an option to handle those orders in a batch. On the other hand, as a ShipStation user managing custom orders on a different platform is time-consuming, especially at the times when sales volume is high. In order to manage custom orders smoothly without changing the platform from one order to another, we propose a solution to transfer a predetermined set of choices (such as font, text, and placement)  

What exactly is Amazon Custom?

Amazon Custom lets you offer customers a personalized shopping experience by allowing them to customize products with their own text, image, or logo – or from a list of options you provide.

What is Amazon Handmade?

Amazon Handmade allows artisans to sell their products on the Amazon platform. One of the requirements to open a store in this category is that the seller is an artisan. In other words, you can only sell handcrafted products on this platform. This protects the craft and integrity of handmade products.

Amazon Handmade offers many different categories that allow you to find the best fit for your creation, including:

  • Art such as pottery and paintings
  • Handbags, shoes, and clothing
  • Jewelry and watches
  • Toys and games
  • Personal care products such as facial scrubs and makeup
  • Sporting goods
  • Pet supplies
  • Any product you create, build or make yourself

What is ShipStation?

 ShipStation is an order management and shipping platform that allows you to manage your small parcel and LTL shipments in one place. ShipStation imports orders from online selling channels, calculate postage rates, prints labels, notifies your customers and those selling on your behalf of packages on the way, tracks them during transit, and provides tools to manage returns. But the problem is that ShipStation is not fully integrated with the Custom or Handmade stores directly. ShipStation can only import orders from Amazon Custom, but cannot import customization details related to the order, and also ShipStation cannot currently import orders from Amazon Handmade using the standard Amazon Marketplace connection to ShipStation.

How Can SellerActions Help?

SellerActions is a solution for importing Amazon Custom Orders and amazon handmade details directly to ShipStation and giving you updates every 15 minutes.

It is an automated process built by our developers that leverages ShipStation’s open API to update customization details and import Amazon Handmade orders directly to your ShipStation account.

Key Features of SellerActions:

  1. While other software updates orders every 2 hours, SellerActions updates every 15 minutes. This is a very important advantage, especially in periods when sales are fast.
  2. SellerActions can give monthly or weekly reports
  3. Users can filter the orders we update on ShipStation.
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Do You Want to Send Amazon Custom Data to Shipstation?

We transfer text-based customized data from Amazon custom and Amazon handmade to Shipstation professionally.