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Make Your Listings More Effective Using The Listing Quality Report.

One of the key strategies for enhancing seller performance is to make your listings better in order to increase views, impressions, and sales.

Imporve Your Listing Quality With SellerActions

The SellerAction Listing Quality Report allows you to assess how well-optimized your listings are across all sales channels and offers suggestions for improvement.


You can see how this service works in the screenshots below.

What is the listing quality health report?

The Listing Quality Health Report is a downloadable Excel file that provides you all the listings that need to be improved.

Importantly, it offers practical steps you can take to optimize your listings and categories in order to increase your views, impressions, and sales


  • How does listing quality health report work?The listing quality health report is an important tool for sellers. It helps you to identify and fix issues that may cause you to lose potential buyers and ultimately reduce your revenue.

  • How to get Started?Step: 1 Register to SellerActions: Creat you Account in SellerAction by Selecting a monlty plan. Step: 2 Setup your account: Connect your sales channels with SellerActions and SellerActions will start scanning your listings and generate your report


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