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Inventory Listing Health Reporter

SellerAction Inventory Health reporter can help you optimize your inventory by identifying the non-optimized listing across multiple channels, and reduce costs, and boosting your Inventory Performance.

Keep Your Inventory listing Healthy

The Inventory Health Reporter is a great way to identify listings that are not published or optimized and generate a details report so you can take smart action about your listing across multiple chalets 


You can see how this service works in the screenshots below.

Be aware of every single issue from any sales channel in a single place.

SellerActions will generate reports in MS Excel format including all inventory listing issues like:

  • Best Sellers.

  • Low Stock and Products recommended for re-order.

  •  which may need attention.

  • High Quantity Items.

  • Amazon Errors: Shows products that have been rejected by Amazon and which may need attention.


  • What is this? This is inventory listing health report. You can use this servise for your product health.


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